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The Angel Sponsoring eBook | Rich Media Edition

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The Strategy to building a Big & Long-Lasting Network Marketing team has arrived: welcome to Angel Sponsoring! This interactive eBook is an easy-to-follow source of empowerment for legitimate online marketers and entrepreneurs who want a better way to build their business. In the Angel Sponsoring eBook you can read about how to:

  • Making Money with "Free Loaders" - people who do not want to pay to start an online business: If you've ever recruited someone into a Program who just signed up, never communicated with you and never brought other people in, you understand how excitement at a growing team can slowly turn to disappointment. But with the Angel Sponsoring strategies, you can turn that around in a masterful and hassle-free way!
  • Build a Strong Team with Genuine Trust & Support: An Angel Sponsor manages to build a solid team by offering support to members with their membership payments. This is a level of genuine support that supports downlines to (1) pay attention to your Program, (2) focus on the Program for longer and much more!
  • Recognising Profitable Programs & Opportunities: All Programs are made with different bonus, commission and compensation plans; so being able to spot a good Program will (1) help you earn and (2) help you avoid wasting time or scams.
  • Which Programs fit Angel Sponsoring: The Angel Sponsoring strategy works best with specific Program features, and is totally incompatible with other compensation plan features. The section on the Equal Share Bonus addresses this. It shows you how to "turn a lemon into lemonade"! Find out what works best to maximise profits!
  • How to be an Angel Sponsor: Get a general guide on how to apply Angel Sponsoring to the right Program, including templates for emails that will help Angel Sponsors explain the offer to their downlines, recruiting ideas...
  • and much more!...
  • Watch the video (in the video tab) to better understand what Angel Sponsoring is...

The Rich Media Edition of the Angel Sponsoring ebook provides the most disruptive guide to Network Marketing Excellence with features not available elsewhere, such as added Audio and Video Explanations, as well as sponsored content.

The Angel Sponsoring eBook is live, with new updates being added on a regular basis. Get your copy of the Angel Sponsoring ebook, which you can access on up to 3 devices, and convert your online earning efforts into an effective and productive income generating activity.

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